Ross Knode - Intern


Ross is originally from the East Coast but has been living in Colorado for over 12 years and now calls it home.  Before transitioning into the counseling field, he was an airline pilot for over 18 years most recently flying an Airbus 320.  He is working towards his Master of Arts in Counseling and has training in Synergetic Play Therapy. He is passionate about working with adolescents and children and has been volunteering in his daughter’s schools since she was in kindergarten.  He is currently a youth group leader, student mentor and assistant middle school swim team coach. He says the best thing about being with kids is enjoying the moment with them and appreciating them letting him into their world.

When he’s not at work he’s hanging out with his middle school daughter, his friends, or volunteering at his church.  He’s currently working in the infant room and is enjoying the calm that comes with holding a sleeping baby. He loves to ski and is in the gym 5-6 days a week and though he is a Bronco’s fan his first sport is soccer.  Go Rapids. He also has a twin brother and though he doesn’t think they look alike almost everyone else disagrees with that assessment.